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    Debian kernel version jessie In case you missed that change, gcc for i386 has recently been changed to target 686-class processors and is generating code that will crash on other processors. My sound and wireless hardware are not working under my current 3. While you can install Debian 9 Stretch fresh, you can also perform an in place upgrade from Debian 8 Jessie quite easily, which is what we will cover here. I can now build a kernel module that I can force feed the kernel with modprobe -f, I am close to success. Please speak up with arguments either way. Howeever, is it also possible to use Debian 8. Any interests to test it? Having a problem logging in? They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. After unpacking 9,440 kB will be freed. If you need to reset your password. Plan on looking to see if I can adapt the raspbain network instal image or the raspbian installer when I get time. May 22, 2011 I installed 2. Debian Long Term Support LTS is a project to extend the lifetime of all Debian stable releases to at least 5 years. But it is impossible for me to install the 3. I spent half a day compiling the 4. When you get to the command line just run apt-get install task-lxde-desktop to get a basic desktop running, it will take a long time to install. This was the first multi-architecture release of Debian, adding support for the Motorola 68000 series architectures. I have a gcc 4. Debian kernel version jessie The above rt patch worked fine since it was written specifically for this kernel source. I tried: Code: and got: Code: Accept this solution. Setting up initramfs-tools 0. Any such systems still running testing or unstable will need to be switched to run stable jessie. After a few seconds the system just hangs. After some hours I found that the load is starting to increase 3, 5, 7 and up to 10 when finnally got fully unresponsive. It may not be the right way to do it, but it works like a charm now. The old files there have to be replaced with the new ones. I measured over 30W peak power.

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